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The Subjective Reality (Pratibhasika Satyam)

Here is a verse from the upcoming seminar on Yoga and Vedanta.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Samadhi Chapter, verse 9

9. Vikalpa is verbal misconception or deluded hearing where words do not correspond to reality.  Example: rabbit’s horn.

Pratibhasika satyam.  Failure to see what is.  Biases (samskaras) unknowingly interpret.  I jump to conclusions because the Causal Body’s heuristic principle generates a simplified version of creation’s incredible complexity.  An unrestrained mind hears “Deep state,” and reflexively chants, “Lock her up!”  The mind is too covered with tamas (dullness) to investigate.  It jumps to a conclusion without knowing it is jumping because the Causal Body immediately cooks up “alternative facts.”  Restraint (pratyahara) of the outflowing chitta produces sattva, which presents an opportunity to objectively investigate.  Yoga and Vedanta are scientific means of knowledge.  The lazy tamasic part of the mind prefers slogans, formulas and beliefs as they preclude effort.  Conversely it hates science and professionals. It thinks it understands Vedanta but it misunderstands.

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