Shining World

Big Chunks Fall Off Now


            Reporting a very curious condition. As contemplation continues to be confirmed in meditation I notice an increase in lucid dreaming. Just like in meditation when I become clearly aware of the difference between myself and the thoughts appearing in me, the dream seems to be discernable in a similar way. Likewise as vasanas are reduced in potency by the continual denial of acting upon them, there is a gap opening between waker and doer.

            It’s seems quite clear. I can’t be this person who is nothing more than a series of thoughts and actions. Just like the dreamer, the waker has followed his nose sniffing out experiences the entire time.  It has as much substance as the dreamer which is to say very little. Trying to infuse the waker with an over-arching sense of meaning in relation to the world is  superfluous.  Yet he can find joy in meaningful service to others.  He doesn’t NEED to go around trying to wake others from the dream but only stand ready to support when someone begins to question and gently guide that poor soul to the gate of realization.    has the world that well in hand.  Chipping away at the stone of this person until finally a crack opens and huge chunks begin to fall away whereas before I was only able to make small dents.

With love and gratitude,

Ramji:  Two thumbs up!  Keep at it.

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