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True Compassion

Rupert: Dear Ramji, I see our satsang made a top slot at ShiningWorld. Who would have thought all my ignorance could produce so many teachable moments for others?

Going forward… my continuing mantra is “there is nothing to do, there is nothing to get.” Not sure if that’s technically right, but it feels right. Just a little saying I repeat to myself to counteract the jiva’s need to pick up more shit to do/have, especially with reference to other people and their constant search for attention/validation, etc. I never realized I had such black belt in codependence.

In addition, I’m starting to see how I could begin to feel compassion for other people and their projections/ignorance. Rajas and tamas are so powerful they literally CAN’T know the truth. Before, I thought compassion was being empathetic to the particular painful experience life was hammering on a person or having pity on someone who was acting out in a negative way. But true compassion is so much more. It’s seeing beyond their delusions and knowing they are only the self no matter what they themselves believe. They are me and I am them. We are the one life in the many. So much beauty goes unnoticed.

What a miracle self-realization is! What an even more amazing impossibility self-actualization is! How many forays back into ignorance it has taken for me to really begin to appreciate just how precious a sattvic state of mind really is. I heard you say in your video, “Isvara meant for us to be a blessing to creation.” That is a wonderful revelation. When I compare it to my experience, I know that this statement is absolutely true.

I seems I don’t need to DO anything, just be present and reflect God’s grace. My actions become almost automatic. Things defiantly “flow.” But if I engage in old habits the magic stops and I fall through the trap door. It’s like an Escher painting: you think you are going up a staircase but it leads nowhere. The outward actions seem identical but in the past I never had the awareness of self to measure against my likes and dislikes, like a rat in science experiment.

What’s amazing is that this is all happening in my mind, even without outwardly acting on desire, just noticing the inward shift in focused attention as soon as I begin to entertain a desire, positive or negative. It’s like a veil that shrouds awareness from itself leaving only experience, a wonderful three-dimensional picture show filled with heroes and villains, damsels in distress, lights, colors, hopes and dreams, regrets and embarrassment, anger, injustice, devotion and heartbreaking romance.

It’s truly an act of grace to be shown the door out of the maze and given the key, to be allowed to freely come and go, just to make sure it’s still a confusing maze.

What other conclusion could be drawn from such compassion than to be present for others who are stumbling around in the dark, to hold a light up in the darkness and be a blessing to the world?

~ Love, Rupert

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