Shining World

The Jewel I Found


This pathless journey is quite a thing. Thinking back I realize that I had found what I was looking for many times but didn’t know it. I have had the experience many times but never did I have the discrimination to understand that this love that is awake in the heart is the only truth. Little did the grateful alcoholic who was set free from alcohol through “conscious contact” realize that his remedy is not a means to an end.  It is the goal. That the happiness in his heart that causes him to shed his egotistic facade is the ultimate reality. Like taking a sip from the edge of a lake. Then he runs off with his new found freedom to find new desires.  You were right when you said it is not that big of a deal. It’s just a simple realization. I am he. He is I. This love that has no object of desire. The jewel that I found and dropped when another desire called. As soon as I turn back around to look for it, it is in my hand. All of this hate and fear in the world reveals the fakes. The so called spiritual people who are really just serving themselves. It has shed a light upon the greedy little person inside of me still hiding behind and idea that there is something for him to get for himself. Feels good to finally grab that sneaky bastard by the collar and show him the door. Let them have their hate and fear. There is no winning that argument. They can’t see the jewel hiding in their hearts. Desire/fear is running the show until the true owner of the house shows up. This lamp is lit. I pray it stays that way. 



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