Shining World


Peter: Hi, Sundari.

I felt I had to write and say thank you to you and James for your website and YouTube posts. I had been listening to the likes of Tony Parsons and Rupert Spira, and then I came across James’ talks and interviews. As a result I feel I can get back to being grateful to God for this life, and everyone else’s. Thank you.

~ Regards, Peter Morrissey, Melbourne, Australia

PS: I went to a Sailor Bob Adamson night recently at his place, as he is only an hour away. He failed to mention on his website that the goon demands $20.00 per session whilst you’re taking your shoes off on arrival!

He was most insistent he got paid, and then told me, “I love you, man,” with a cheesy hug on the way out two hours later.

I was a monastic for years and am a qualified counsellor. I don’t charge, as I live on a small pension. These guys are real crooks living like kings, milking all an sundry and imparting bugger-all knowledge. Unbelievable!!!

Sorry for the rant…

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