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Solipsism Syndrome,

Deaer James,

I have been keeping my head down. 

Three years ago my Doctor told me  “It’s for the happy pills Mark”. I laughed.  K

But he was serious, so I asked him why.

He said, ‘You have been in chronic pain for twenty years, unemployed for twenty years, and single for twenty five years’.  The AMA (Australian Medical Association) will kick me out if I don’t prescribe anti-depression meds and refer you to a psychologist”.

I replied,  “I am not here to make you happy and what medical evidence to you have that I am depressed?”

He laughed and said,  “None.  You are the most sane happy patient I have!” 

So, I agreed to the psychology referral but not the pills as he is a good guy and I didn’t want his arse kicked.


After three meetings, the clinical psychologist told me that I have “Solipsism Syndrome!”

When I stopped laughing I realised she was serious.  I reminded her that I have a Graduate Diploma in Loss and Grief Counselling (mumbo jumbo rubbish) but that I had never heard of “Solipsism Syndrome.”

“On what do you base your diagnosis,” I asked?   “Your monastic history,” she said.

Apparently, she believed that because I spent ten years as a Catholic Monk, and three years with the Buddhists that I’m mentally ill!  If I were still living those life styles and believed that shit I might agree with her!

I quietly told her she had better not go to India as she might find herself put in a nut house over there. 

So, I am keeping my head down!


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