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Self Actualization

Hi Ram

When a Self-realised student assimilates Self knowledge with a very pure mind, which is to say that there is absolute certainty that there is no relationship between the perceived world and the Self (pure existence shining as consciousness) and when that self-realized person lets go of the idea that he is a doer, and only an expanse of bliss, purity and love that is deeply known to be everything remains, would you say this is actualization?


We can go further into this and, as you once wrote in an old blog, something like “limitless love”, where the jiva gets a reward that it believed was never possible; a never-ending sense of love that loves through me “touching” everything in its vicinity

What I’m experiencing isn’t like another person loves me, which is nice enough, similar to Christians saying “Jesus loves you,” but it is love itself loving the opaque  “manifest self” and I know myself ACTUALLY to be transparent unmanifest love!!! To use Greg Goode’s wording.

Another way to see this is that there is nothing in life to hold onto because there is no relationship perspective with the world~picture. In the mithya (seeming) picture-world (l like this way of putting it so please let me off), there isn’t the slightest friction in worldly situations.

Vedanta then leaves the earnest inquirer alone as both ignorance and knowledge respectively and respectfully bows out. Completely disappearing leaving “it”— the jivas true pronoun —as pure as the driven snow! I’m quoting the very great Sri Ram. You, myself, my Guru. So before I get completely lost in the majesty of words is this self-actualisation or self-realisation or what?

Ram: It’s Self actualization, Mike.

I know you have explained the similarities and differences before but it’s just something that I would like to hear from the source of wisdom itself which is synonymous with scripture, if you could? Thank you Ram.

Ram: I could and I did. Great satsang. I’ll post it.

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