Shining World

On the Bus

Kenny: Dear Ramji, I hope you have time to comment on this really cool dream.

I was a knight with many other older knights at a celebration on a balcony. Everybody was joyous and happy, just like after a big war! The other knights would stand in front of me as I would arrive behind them. The atmosphere was very welcoming, I did touch the other knights in front of me and they would turn around, smile and bow to me and I would bow in return and smile. There were also some ladies there, very classy too. I would help them putting on jewelry and apologize for being a little bit clumsy. There was also a message saying that now I can die happily and the few minor questions left would be solved easily.

Ramji: You are a knight, a noble person, on the Vedanta bus now, a part of the teaching tradition, a bit clumsy with inquiry with a little more work to do. It is a happy event when Vedanta finds you.

Kenny: The second part of the dream, however, included a little dark-skinned teenager. He was angry, maybe envious. I would walk by happily and he would grab my arm. I would free myself from it, but he would grab my arm instantly again, this time using a little bit more force, and it turns out to be harder and harder to free myself. I would like to ask for help but all the people around me would turn out to be dark-skinned. There was also a big insect (like a big ant) harassing the people.

Ramji: The dark-skinned teenager is the self-ignorant, immature part of yourself. The more you try to escape it, the tighter the grip. What you resist persists. One time when I was with Swamiji, he said, “You know, Ram, you are what you are rebelling against.”

You need to embrace this part, not avoid it. All the people in your life are also self-ignorant (dark), so there is no help from them. Their knowledge of life is only skin deep. You don’t need to worry about them, however, because you have the help of the Vedanta, which destroys ignorance and sets you free of dependence. Ignorance is non-human and insect-like, i.e. devoid of real love.

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