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Mind Has No Impact on You

James: This email is from a very joyful, Self-realized, highly educated, professional person whose brain was damaged by a stroke. All her joy disappeared for two years into a deep dark depression. When the depression lifted the mind was a bit scrambled. Don’t expect this email to make sense but it makes total sense. ☺

Carrie: Ola, James, now that’s my kind of language. I have a weird intellect. Humorous sticks in mind sometimes. And you are laughing all the way to the end.

The Carbondale 2018 Bhagavad Gita, etc. is such a joy to listen to. “Joy” not a word I thought I would ever utter again. If the two-year post-brain explosion was my so-called “dark night of the soul,” then I could be well passed to the other side of it.

Mundo Sundaram looks beautiful, just like me!!!!

James, when I have listened to you, and you talking about getting up at 4:00 am to write or whatever, I did [not] think that I would ever do that, ever. But now, in spite of the neurofatigued, massive tamas, in the past week I have risen at 6:30 am. My mate is always up sometimes earlier earlier presently, so when he see’s me he does a double take, twice.

I like words, etc. and now after the big brain pop, I have aphasia, disphasia whereby, for instance, I have said, while out shopping with my oldies, “I will put the washing into the car,” meaning the shopping. I find it quite amusing to watch this as the non-experiencing witness. I have forgotten the word for me/Self, but you will get what I mean.

~ Deepest love, Carrie

James: Super cool email, Carrie! The joy returns. Yes, it doesn’t matter whether the mind works, doesn’t work or partly works. You aren’t it! And even if I don’t understand this email, I understand.

~ Much love, James

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