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Inquiry Dissolves Attachment into Love

Brooke: Dear James, I feel a strong urge to write to you. If it is an imposition or an irritation then let me know – I will understand. I do not demand that you reply or comment – I just want to write.

I feel a great gratitude to you and the teachings. This morning I was reading Atma Bodha, verse 53: “On the dissolution of the adjuncts (the body, senses, etc.), the sage, now freed from particularities, merges in the all-pervading being (Vishnu), like water in water, ether in ether or fire in fire.” It’s a bit of a dodgy translation by Alan Jacobs, but still…

When I read it, I noticed a sadness. Immediately I began to investigate. There was clearly an attachment to this Brooke character. I investigated the Brooke character – thoughts, feelings, body. I noticed that feelings are really only body + thought. I saw the utter transience of this Brooke character and the hopelessness of clinging to this mirage and the attachment dissolved into love.

The light inside was very bright. I have been increasingly calm and confident each day – reminding myself that I am this whole, perfect awareness. I am so moved by this and can’t believe that I have spent so much of my life in frantic search of understanding of this when the knowledge was here all along – many books will be heading to the second-hand store.

I really cannot express my gratitude enough. I hope we can meet in due course so that I can thank you in person.

~ Love, Brooke

James: Lovely email, Brooke. No bother at all. I love these testimonials to the power of Vedanta. I am very happy for you. Your appreciation is much appreciated. I hope we will meet sometime. We are getting a place in Portugal and will do seminars there. You are welcome. I have many friends in England too and visit often, so it seems likely that Isvara will provide a reasonable opportunity to meet.

~ Love, James

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