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Ramji: Hi, Rupert.

I love your letters. You’re obviously right on track so I won’t pontificate, just comment here and there.

 Greetings from the frozen wasteland of Republican White America! Everything is going according to Isvara’s plan, if there is such a thing.

Ramji: It’s plan from jiva’s point of view. It isn’t from the Isvara’s point of view.

 I’ve been banned by the fundamentalists and simultaneously embraced by the rest of the community that have also been marginalized by the Indigenous Taliban, as I call them.

Ramji: ☺Taliban is a state of mind.

Rupert: Interestingly enough, it’s not even a concern for me, since they have nothing I want. My interaction with others in the ceremonial life is purely service at this point.

Ramji: Karma yoga is the only way to live.

Rupert: There have been multiple incidents that came up over the past few months where I would recognize a negative emotion and quickly move to examining what it was “I” wanted/feared, and upon naming it and reminding “myself” that is wasn’t real the emotion disappeared. 

Now it seems I have begun to reduce that time lag to nearly zero. When thought arises it is either a thought predicated on the assumption of being a jiva or it isn’t.

Ramji: What you report is the essence of discrimination: monitoring events, tying the emotions to the jiva and dismissing them. Because you don’t support them, they lose their power to prop up the jiva. It becomes increasingly objectified, helpless and transparent, and eventually just fades away. Good work!!!

Rupert: So as I take my stand in awareness the jiva, thoughts become more pronounced and I am able to swat them like flies as they attempt to bubble up. The result is wonderful. Living free of selfishness and self-centered, opinionated, agenda-building neediness is AWESOME!! Why go back to living in the little cage of Jivaville ?

Rupert: What was just an idea before – “I am not the doer” – has now been confirmed and proven.

Ramji: Vedanta rocks!

Rupert: The one thing I don’t really like is the glaring intrusion of other people’s projections into my emotional/mental field. I can feel other people’s thoughts as distortions, especially jealousy and judgment. I don’t know if that is considered mind-reading. I doubt it, because I can’t hear what they are thinking, just the vibration of how they are feeling. It would be a much more wonderful existence if that wasn’t around. It seems Isvara loves to mix in some BS with his coffee. Contrast seems to be the measure of appreciation. Anyway…

Ramji: Well, nobody likes negative emotional projections, but they are inevitable so just take them as prasad. I evaluate them with reference to their opposite: good vibes. For every negative thought/feeling that is projected into my energy field, there are fifty good ones, so I figure I’m on the right track as far as my life in this world goes.

 I still love the idea of coming to visit you. Or maybe getting to be your tag-along on one of your overseas seminars.

Ramji: Well, once we get set up in Spain you are most welcome to visit.

Rupert: I hope all is well. Give my best to Sundari!

Ramji: Everything is copasetic on all fronts.

~ Love, Ramji

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