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All Gods Have Feet of Clay

Seeker: Dear James and Sundari, I was reading the last newsletter and the teachings about gunas, and I really appreciate your shared knowledge of Vedanta. I and my wife have been studying Vedanta for the last three years, and listening to you, James, made a whole difference. Actually, it is true what you say: your message and also from Swami Dayananda are similar and a unique presentation of traditional Vedanta, and a very rare one in the mixed spiritual market. Many times I have realized how lucky I am to discover ShiningWorld and Vedanta.

Anyway, reading the last newsletter and chapter about gunas I found myself puzzled and surprised that you criticize some of the world-known teachers again. I find it childish, too general and inappropriate, as I understand Vedanta should serve as a means of knowledge for liberation and not for describing how some teachers are wrong and deluded. And by this I don’t mean that we should be polite and stay quiet despite harmful acts of others. What I don’t like is that sometimes I can see your personal opinion expressed in your teachings and it is certainly not serving the purpose of Vedanta.

James, I found you because I did lots of work with other teachers. My mind was prepared to welcome and absorb Vedanta. I had to go through techniques and primal work, but as I can see it today, it was a necessary part of the journey to discover that in reality there is no one and no path. So, in this way I am also grateful to many teachers, because they called for waking up!

And I am sure if you would take more time to study other topics beside Vedanta, you would surely find some connection. For instance, Osho’s and Sai Baba’s message is not different from Vedanta’s message. At the end they meet and serve the truth the same way as Vedanta. I think teachers like Osho and Sai Baba had a lot to compromise with crowds of people and had to deliver different teachings to different types (or qualifications) of people. The same was with Buddha, who is said to have been very skilled in accomodating to various types of seekers and deliver what he had to.

If I say it shortly: who are we that we should judge what happens in the apparent reality? This I had to share with you, and please keep the good work going.

James: Thanks for sharing, as they say. If you read my writings carefully, I have plenty good to say about good teachers. I understand your point of view, but I don’t agree. I think that anyone who teaches spirituality has a duty to live a dharmic life – both Sai Baba and Osho were not righteous people. They give the truth a bad name, insofar as people get the wrong idea about enlightenment from them. There are many teachers saying the same thing who live righteous lives and I have only good things to say about them. It is important that people understand that all gods have feet of clay.

~ Much love, James

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