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Trump Is Isvara Too

Theresa: How do I practice dosha drishti with my aversion for Donald Trump? How do I see the balancing side of my aversion?

I was wondering what you and James think about our new president. Many of my friends are truly hysterical about him. They literally hate him. That’s all they can talk about. I don’t care for him, but I feel completely dispassionate about the whole thing. I remember James saying in on one of his videos before Trump got elected that Isvara does what’s in the best interest of the whole, and if Trump is elected then that’s in the best interest of the whole.

In the past I would get very worked up over politics, but now I just watch. It’s an interesting space. My friends are really scared, but I don’t feel that way. It’s an odd space to be in.

Sundari: Donald Trump is just an idea, he only exists for you if you think about him. And he too is the self – Isvara in the form of rajas/tamas playing out inexorable and beginningless ignorance – nothing to be done about it. You know that moksa has obtained when you can look at the world with all its craziness as okay the way it is. Isvara is, has to be, both dharma and adharma for the game to work.

The only way the Field of Existence can operate is if the gunas have the possibility to play out from one end of the spectrum to the other. If they were not able to do this, the show would end. So for you, as he is for 50% of the people in the U.S., Trump is a nightmare come true. For the other 50%, he is their salvation. Who is right? Are the views of your 50% more valid than the other 50%? It’s all mithya after all, not so?

Love Trump as Isvara doing its thing. Take it as prasad. Who knows what comes out of this? “Good” often comes from “bad” and vice versa. The real test of self-knowledge is to love Isvara in all its forms, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

~ Love, Sundari

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