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Kundalini Psychic Damage

Bob: You have been so helpful, Sundari, that I wonder whether you can steer me in the direction of advice I think I need before I can make any meaningful progress. I have just read in James’ The Essence of Enlightenment that kundalini can cause great mischief if it travels through the wrong nerve channels. Many years ago, as a result of marijuana, I experienced kundalini, the effects of which lasted for some months. When it disappeared, it left behind a feeling of strong contraction behind the eyes, which has grown steadily worse over the years. It interferes with self-enquiry, as it grabs my attention constantly. I have sought medical advice widely to no avail. Do you or James know anyone who can help me? I feel that I should pursue my studies even though the contraction seems to be getting worse.

It wasn’t until I read the passage in James’ book that I realized the nature of the problem.

Sundari: I am sorry, but we don’t know of anything that could help “reset” whatever damage occurred with your kundalini experience. Ram says what probably happened is that instead of the energy current staying in the sushumna, or psychic nerve/subtle body aspect of the spine, it went into the psychic nerve currents that run along the sushumna (called the ida and pingala) and got stuck there.

This is not a problem unless there is a blockage in the area, which can result in acute physical symptoms such as the ones you describe. We doubt there is much you can do about it at this late stage of your life, other than live with it as a disability with the karma yoga attitude.

~ Love, Sundari

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