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Seeker: Dearest Sundariji, all your replies always come at the right time, in Isvara’s time! I am so grateful to receive your words and teaching, as a true friend (it is Isvara’s teaching, and I understand everything as Isvara).

I have worked all most every day since this autumn to clean up some material old stuff and reflecting at the same time upon old jiva’s stuff too. So peaceful and satisfying it is! I think this was very necessary to do and to get this level clear too. You and Ram sing always and all ways prasad from Isvara – gratitude. Thank you!

I feel relief knowing gratitude as the same of the feeling of love, the bliss of the self. To make it very clear for me – I reread and reflected upon that further, with help from Narada Bhakti Sutras (Ramji’s and Swami Chinmayananda’s commentaries, sutra 67-69 and sutra 54).

I am a bhakta – my mind is like a river of emotions – no emotion is too much or too little for me, no emotion to express or suppress. Emotions are like blood cells dancing, cleansing, sharing and flowing from place to place. Emotions are here to be managed, sublimated as the highest desire that I will never reach! For Love is my desireless and choiceless nature!

I think understanding sublimation is possible with a very clear understanding of the gunas – triguna vibhava yoga.

Sundari: Yes, cannot understand sublimation without karma yoga and guna yoga. Gratitude is such a beautiful emotion, the most beautiful in fact. It is the same as the feeling of love. Gratitude is a gift to us from Isvara because Isvara does not need our gratitude. Isvara gives us the feeling of gratitude as a gift to experience the bliss of the self. And it is the best attitude to have to everything.

You are so open, so humble and so dedicated to your sadhana, it is no wonder the knowledge is growing a little bit every day, very naturally. Also, you were highly qualified long before you even knew what Vedanta is. That is the beauty of Vedanta. Once a qualified mind is exposed to the scripture through reading and listening, the knowledge itself does “the work” of cleaning out the mind of all ignorance.

It’s like a microcosmic causal body override – the scripture works without any doing on our part, making the intellect increasingly subtle and pure, so that more knowledge can stick in it. With a mind like yours, everything goes straight in, there is no ego in the way, no obstruction to the knowledge. You are like a tabula rasa, a clean slate, that the self can write on.

~ Love always, Sundari

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