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Give Up Chasing Love, Not Love

Henry: Thank you! That was very helpful. I think I have what I need. I think the time for renunciation is ripe. Otherwise it seems the samskara will continue attracting similar type relationships, like butterflies drowning in the rain. I will renounce for a year at least. I’ve tried it before for shorter periods. The key is renouncing the subtle thoughts and actions, averting the eyes and uprooting fantasies, as you mentioned; renouncing limerence, the mystery of the ages.

On the plus side, I have so many rajasic vasanas besides self-inquiry, to where I can redirect the extra energy.

Sundari, you, Ramji and ShingWorld are legendary. I can’t state how helpful your correspondence has been.

I am looking forward to your books and hope to meet you in person soon.

Sundari: I am glad to hear you are signed on for a break from the gruesome relationship game. It will be hard at times, but it will come as a great relief if you stick with it. It may be the most alluring game since forever, but it is not a mystery. Not if you understand the gunas and how they govern vasanas. It is a game as predictable as day and night, and without Self-knowledge, as predictably injurious too. Butterflies drowning in the rain is beautifully poetic imagery, but in truth, the damage is much more lethal. Most jiva suffering comes as a result of repetitively bad relationships. Having healthy distractions is very helpful to assist you in this renunciation, good for you!

Remember, you are not giving up on love, just on the fallacy of chasing it.

Thanks for the acknowledgement.

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