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The teachings on this website belong to Vedanta and not to me personally. Vedanta is not a religion, belief system, philosophy or a school of thought; it is revealed truth and is to be realized and understood as such. So there is never an argument.

The knowledge that you will find here is the king of all forms of knowledge because it is self shining. Other forms of knowledge do not shine on their own. But this knowledge — self knowledge — stands alone and rules all others because what you know depends on you, but you do not depend on what you know.

This rare knowledge resolves all divisions. All other forms of knowledge reinforce the duality of subject and object, the division of the knower/experiencer and the objects of knowledge/experience. It is the separation of the person you believe yourself to be and the objects of your experience — from which you gain knowledge — that causes you to experience yourself as a limited, incomplete and often inadequate being. When the knower is thought to be different from the known, each limits the other. If I do not understand that the knower is non-separate from the world, I will feel small...even though I am not small at all.

Vedanta is the ancient science of self knowledge. It is not the philosophy, beliefs or opinions of some musty ancient sages or the author, although you will find some of the author’s opinions relating to the topic of enlightenment, here. It is the result of the realization of the non-duality of all things and forty years of study of the Science of Self Inquiry.

Had you been able to solve the riddle of your existence on your own, you would have done so by now. Allow the knowledge imparted here to guide your investigation. It will certainly demystify the mystery of existence and awaken the realization of your non-separation from everything.


Ramji / James Swartz

My name is James Swartz and I was born in Butte, Montana in 1941. I grew up in Lewiston, Idaho and had a very happy childhood. However, the small world of Lewiston could not contain me and at seventeen I left for a military prep school in Minnesota. I spent two years in a liberal arts college in Wisconsin, was expelled for disciplinary reasons, and enrolled in the University of California at Berkeley in 1963. Six months short of graduation I ran off to Hawaii where I started a successful small business. But something was terribly wrong; at twenty six I had become an alcoholic, chain smoking glutonous adulterer and life in every respect was not worth living. One day in the Post Office in Waikiki I had a life changing epiphany that put me on the path to freedom. You can download the story of my spiritual quest to find out what happened. For more about my remarkable journey, read Mystic By Default

On Septemper 29, 2011 I married Isabella Viglietti whose spiritual name is Sundari. Sundari is a Sanskrit word the means "the Beauty that make beauty beautiful." It is a name for the Self because the beauty that we see with our eyes and appreciate with our minds is a pale reflection of the light of Awareness, the Self.



Sundari / Isabella Viglietti

Sundari is my wife and a qualified teacher of Vedanta. She has been lovingly attending to every aspect of Shiningworld since 2012. She has taken over writing most of the satsangs on my behalf, so please feel free to write to her, but before you do, make sure that you read the requirements we set out for all inquirers.



Tan lives in Germany. He offers his services in German and English.


Shams Martinez

about shamsShams lives in Mexico City and writes excellent satsangs in both English and Spanish.


Arlindo Moraes

Arlindo, also known as Nagar, lives in Italy and teaches Vedanta. He speaks Portugese, Italian and English.

You can read Arlindo bio here.


Rory Mackay

Rory currently not accepting new questions.

Rory Mackay is a writer from Scotland whose lifelong spiritual quest eventually led him to Vedanta and ShiningWorld. He is now dedicated to sharing the teaching of Vedanta and helping keep the flame of knowledge alive and pure. His website and blog can be found at www.unbrokenself.com


Stan Kublicki


I am happy to communicate with sincere inquirers who have properly read James’ book, “Essence of Enlightenment” or "How to Attain Enlightenment", studied some of the satsangs, watched some videos and/or listened to some audios on the ShiningWorld website.

You can read the story of my quest here



Rules for Vedanta Teachers

We have helped a number of people establish themselves as Vedanta teachers, and encourage and assist people who want to teach, who have assimilated the teachings and have the right attitude. More information about ShiningWorld endorsed teachers.