Introduction to Vedanta - June 24-30 - Arlindo Moraes -Vlierhoff, Germany


Aren't you tired of suffering?  Don't you want to be happy and content regardless of your life's circumstances? Everything we do is for the sake of happiness.  We have all experienced intermittent bouts of satisfaction, but why can't we experience happiness all the time?  
Vedanta is a teaching methodology, an ancient, revealed body of self-knowledge for individuals with inquiring contemplative minds that provides time-tested answers to our most fundamental questions: what is my purpose in life, who or what created this amazing but perplexing universe and why is it so difficult to find lasting happiness?   

Vedanta is a means of self inquiry that cancels the false beliefs and opinions that cause us to suffer, once it is systematically contemplated and integrated into one's life.   It gives you the power to steadily eliminate the dogging sense of limitation that we all experience and leads to a new beginning: a life of joy, gratitude, devotion and the happiness beyond all happenings.  Join us for a stimulating week of profound insight into these ancient Vedic teachings.  

For information: Vedanta comes to Vlierhof! (Read more in our April Newsletter)

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Event Date 06-24-2019
Event End Date 06-30-2019
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